1.Library Facilities & Opening Hours

Wakayama Civic Library Limited library service is available at the entrance on the 2nd floor.

A picture of Wakayama Civic Library 
Address 〒640-8202
17 Byobu-cho, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
Telephone 073-432-0010
Opening hours 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.
Closed days Open Everyday
1F Preparing to open
2F Limited library service is available at the entrance. (1)Checking out of reserved materials (2)Returning materials (3)Applying for a Library Card
3F Preparing to open
4F Preparing to open

Wakayama Civic Library West Branch (Nishi-Bunkan)

A picture of Wakayama Civic Library West Branch
Address 〒640-8402
Kasei Hohoemi Center, 755-1 Matsue, Wakayama City, Wakayama Prefecture
Telephone 073-455-3210
Opening hours 10:00 A.M. to 8:00.P.M.
Closed days Mondays (Succeeding Tuesday if Monday is a holiday),
Year-end and New Year (12/29~1/3), a special period for refiling.
Introduction The West Branch is located in the Kasai Hohoemi Center, which is a complex with the Nishi Health Center and a child care support base. We are enriching children's books and books for parents.

2.Applying for a Library Card

You must have a valid library card to check out books. Any one residing in Japan may apply for a library card.
Ensure that you are carrying your library card when you visit the Library.
You may use your Library Card at Wakayama Civic Library, Wakayama Civic Library West Branch, Booksmobile, Tobu Community Centre Library, Kanan Community Centre Library, Kahoku Community Centre Library, Chuo Community Centre Library, and Kita Community Centre Library.

▼Types of Library Card

You may use either Your library card (A) or your T Card (B).
T Cards are issued only at Wakayama Civic Library or the West Branch.

(A) Library Card

A picture of library card

(B) Library Card (T Card)

A picture of library card ( T card type:library)     A picture of library card ( T card type:normal)

▼How to Apply
You must present a personal identification document (e.g. Driver's License, document to prove your ID and address) to apply.
Please be advised that parental consent is required if the applicant is a child 12 years old or younger.
Please fill in the application form and bring it to the Library Counter with your personal ID document.

▼Important Information
・The Library Card may be used only by the person to whom the card was issued to.
・The Library Card is valid for 5 years from the date of issue or renewal.
・In the event of loss of your card or change of address or phone number, kindly contact the library without delay.

▼Handling of Personal Information
Personal Information of the library users submitted to the Library shall be used solely for the purpose of library operations. Check out records linked to personal information shall be immediately deleted from the system upon return of checked out material.

3.Checking Out Materials

Please bring the materials you wish to check out and you Library Card to the Library Counter.
Number of Materials Allowed to Check Out is up to 15 library materials, include Magazines. Check Out Duration is 2 weeks.

Reference books, local materials, latest issues of magazines, newspaper and other precious materials may not be checked out, only available for use inside the Library.

4.Extending Term of Checkout

You may ask to extend the term of checkout at the library counter, library homepage, or by telephone.
If the material is not yet overdue, you may extend the term of check out for a further 2 weeks from the date of application. The term of check out can only be extended for 1 time.
If the material is overdue, the term of check out cannot be extended.
In addition, the term of check out of materials cannot be extended for the following materials:
・Materials reserved by other users.
・Materials on loan from other municipalities.

5.Returning Material

Please return checked out materials directly to the Library Counter if returning during Library open hours. You may use the return box (Book Post) when the library is closed. (Excluding audio visual materials) You may also return checked out materials at the following locations:

▼Return locations within the City

No Return Locations Address Hours available for returns
1 Wakayama Civic Library 17 Byobu-cho, Wakayama City 24 Hours(Use return box during after hours)
2 Wakayama Civic Library West Branch Kasai Hohoemi Center, 775-1 Matsue, Wakayama City
3 Tobu Community Centre Library 665 Terauchi, Wakayama City 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. (Days of operation only)
4 Kanan Community Centre Library 41 Hoshiya, Wakayama City
5 Kahoku Community Centre Library 192-3 Ichishoji, Wakayama City
6 Chuo Community Centre Library 1-2 Misawacho, Wakayama City
7 Kita Community Centre Library Sansan Center Kinokawa, 326-7 Nogawa, Wakayama City
8 Garden Park Wakayama 1469-1 Matsue Mukaiunoshima, Wakayama City 24 Hours
9 WAY Bookstore TSUTAYA Okuwa Honsya store 11-156-3 Kitanakajima 1-chome, Wakayama City
10 Familymart Wakayama Uchihara store 866-1 Uchihara, Wakayama City
11 Nankai Wakayamadaigakumae Station West Exit Naka, Wakayama City
12 Wakayama Civic Library 1st floor east side 17 Byobu-cho, Wakayama City
13 Kada Branch Office 2692 Kada, Wakayama City Within open hours such as branches
14 Nishiwaki Branch Office 1016-90 Nishinosho, Wakayama City
15 Yamaguchi Branch Office 146-2 Sato, Wakayama City
16 Kawanaga Branch Office 283 Kusumoto, Wakayama City
17 Kii Branch Office 1034-1 Hironishi, Wakayama City
18 Isao Branch Office 1456-1 Sonobe, Wakayama City
19 Nogawa Branch Office 1254 Nogawa, Wakayama City
20 Ogura Branch Office 45-2 Shinjo, Wakayama City
21 Nishiwasa Branch Office 72 Kurusu, Wakayama City
22 Wasa Branch Office 255-1 Inokuchi, Wakayama City
23 Shigashisando Branch Office 51 Sandounaka, Wakayama City
24 Nishisando Branch Office 342-2 Kire, Wakayama City
25 Yasuhara Branch Office 38-1 Kuwayama, Wakayama City
26 Okazaki Branch Office 1262-1 Moriotebo, Wakayama City
27 Wakaura Branch Office 2-1-19 Wakauranishi, Wakayama City
28 Nagusa Branch Office 673-1 Kimiidera, Wakayama City
29 Tano Branch Office 343 Tano, Wakayama City
30 Saika Branch Office 1-4-48 Nishihama, Wakayama City
31 Saikazaki Branch Office 1286 Saikazaki, Wakayama City
32 Motowatari Children's Centre 435-1 Motowatari, Wakayama City
33 Kimoto Branch Office 127-2 Kinomoto, Wakayama City
34 Nozaki Branch Office 194-1 Nozaki, Wakayama City
35 Minato Branch Office 3-8-21 Minato, Wakayama City
36 Kishi Branch Office 88-1 Mukai, Wakayama City
37 Kusumi Branch Office 98-7 Kusuminaka, Wakayama City
38 Shikago Branch Office 186-3 Arimoto, Wakayama City
39 Miyakita Branch Office 205-2 Kuroda, Wakayama City
40 Daishin Branch Office 23 Shindaikumachi, Wakayama City
41 Nakanoshima Branch Office 1495 Nakanoshima, Wakayama City
42 Santa Branch Office 286 Sakada, Wakayama City
43 Miya Branch Office 2-1-26 Ooda, Wakayama City
44 Miyamae Branch Office 1-7-1, Kitanakajima, Wakayama City
45 Shinnan Branch Office 4-23 Kihiro-cho, Wakayama City
46 Hirose Branch Office 1-16 Hirose Nakanocho, Wakayama City
47 Fukiage Branch Office 1-6-17 Horidome Higashi, Wakayama City
48 Sunayama Branch Office 2-1-4, Sunayamaminami, Wakayama City
49 Imabuku Branch Office 2-2-88 Imabuku, Wakayama City
50 Takamatsu Branch Office 2-4-46, Higashitakamatsu, Wakayama City
51 Matsue Branch Office 3-4-17 Matsuenaka, Wakayama City
52 Kuinose Branch Office 76-7 Kaninose, Wakayama City
53 Local Industry Promotion Centre 5-13-2 Misonocho, Wakayama City
54 Ashihara Children's Centre 5-2-1 Omatsucho, Wakayama City

▼If your return date is overdue
If your material is overdue, you will be contacted via phone or email.
If you still do not return the material, a reminder will be sent out.
Depending on the situation, your library card may be cancelled. Please return checked out materials on time.

6.Reserving or Requesting Material

If you cannot find the book you wish to read or it is being checked out by another user, you may make a request or reservation.
You may make reservations for up to 15 library materials.
Please come to the Library Counter if you wish to make a request for reservation.

Reservation and Request Card can be downloaded here.

The Library will contact you when your request/reservation is ready. The Library will keep an item on reservation for up to 1 week after giving notice.
If you designate Bookmobile for pickup, the pickup date shall be the date of the next Bookmobile visitation.
Please be advised that if you fail to pickup a reserved or requested item within the pickup window, your request/reservation will be cancelled.

You may also make a request or reservation via Wakayama Civic Library website.
Use "Search for material" to search for the material, login to MyPage and make the reservation.
Password is required to login to MyPage. Please request for a password at the library Counter in advance.

7.Logging in to the Website

Each user may use the MyPage service at Wakayama Civic Library website.
You may access your MyPage on your PC or smartphone and other devices.
Please use from the "My Page" button on the upper right of the screen.

▼Brief description of MyPage service
・Make a reservation for materials to Wakayama Civic Library and check waiting status of items on reservation.
・Change pickup location or contact method of reserved item.
・Extending the term of checkout of an material that checked out by the user.
・Deliver new arrival notification emails for books that meet the "keywords" set in advance.
・Register/change e-mail address.

Library Card or T Card registered for use at the Library and login password will be required to use MyPage.
A temporary password to login will be issued by the Library.
Please bring your Library Card and something that can verify your identity and proceed at the library counter.
Temporary password is valid for 1 month. You are requested to set your own password before validity for the temporary password expires.
Should you forget the password you set or become unable to login, please contact the Library Counter.
* It is recommended that you change your password on a regular basis.
* Login is not necessary for using the search service.

8.Damaged/Lost Materials

if you lose or damage a library material, the Library may require you to replace with the same or an alternative material designated by the Library.

9.Search for Material

Search devices (PC) are provided at various locations within the Library.
You may search by book title or author name. A search result receipt will be printed.
In addition, you may search from your PC or smartphone by accessing "Search for material"page of Wakayama Civic Library website.
Please do not hesitate to ask a library staff if you are unsure of how to make a search.

( Wakayama Civic Library will start service from the time of grand opening.)

10.Copying Services

Copying service is available for materials in the collection of Wakayama Civic Library (Including the West Branch) and to the extent permissible under the Copyright law.
To copy, please fill out the "Copy Service Request" form and bring to the staff along with the material you wish to copy.
Please be advised that there are materials, e.g. the latest newspapers/magazines, CD commentaries etc., that cannot be copied.
In addition, the Library reserves the right not to allow copying of certain materials if use of copying equipment may damage the material. Please ask the Library staff for more information.
The copying service is a chargeable service.

▼ Copying service charge
B/W copying: 10 yen, Color copying: 40 yen

▼ Locations
West Branch: 1F Library Counter
* Copying service is not available at community center libraries due to Copyright law provisions.

( Wakayama Civic Library will start service from the time of grand opening.)

11.Internet Service

Internet browsing terminal (PC) is available at the West Branch and Community Centre libraries.
Please be advised that use of DVD, CD, floppy disk or printing of websites are not allowed.
* Child 12 y.o or younger must be accompanied by an adult.

12.Other Cautions

・Please refrain from calling with or answering a mobile phone in the Library. Please keep your phone on "silent mode".
・Pets are not allowed inside the Library, except for guide dogs and service dogs for the physically impaired persons.
・If you lose, damage or destroy library materials, you may be required to compensate for such damages.
・Only a limited amount of car parking spaces are available. Please use commercial transport as much as possible in accessing the library.

[For enquires] TEL:073-432-0010 (main number)